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One of the biggest and most difficult problems men face in advancing their age is erectile dysfunction. This type of disorder already has several solutions at the drug level. One of them is a drug known worldwide as Viagra, with the generic name Sildenafil. Viagra is manufactured by the Pfizer company in the USA. This is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Viagra was discovered by accident. More than two decades ago, researchers from the US pharmaceutical Pfizer experimented, with sildenafil citrate, a new medication for angina and hypertension, but there was great discouragement: all the tests were negative. But this developed perceived that it had a special effect on erection. The funny thing was that men who took this new drug ‘suffered’ an unexpected side effect: an erection. And they reported that their sexual competence improved them. And as a result of these unexpected results, the pharmaceutical industry focused its attention and research on the erection problems of men and hit the target because it was the solution to a veiled problem that affected a third of men over 40 years of age.


Although there is no certainty about the number of people who consume Viagra in its brand and generic versions, the fact is that its appearance also served to bare the problem of male impotence and change the secular culture in older men of all the world. Viagra is a pill for impotence. It is a medication to treat erectile dysfunction, is available through a prescription, Its use has been extended to such a degree that although the rules clearly indicate that it should be consumed under medical formula because it is contraindicated in some cases. Many of its users are, in fact, young people who do not necessarily require them, which is why this class of medicines has also become ‘recreational drugs’, because they increase the duration and the number of relationships, while making the ‘recovery’ time between relationship and relationship. Not everything is congratulated, Here we must be clear and insist that before taking this blue component, especially in older people, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination to rule out cardiovascular problems and establish whether or not other drugs are consumed that, taken simultaneously with sildenafil, may carry risks; This is the case of nitrates to lower blood pressure. In theory there is no contraindication, as long as the doctor has, initially, evaluated that the patient can have sexual activity without problems. Now, if the heart patient takes vasodilators based on nitrates, he can not take the blue pill. Viagra belongs to the group of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors.


The agent relaxes the blood vessels of the penis, allowing blood to flow to the penis during sexual arousal. When you use Viagra, you will only have an erection if you are sexually stimulated. You should not use Viagra if you do not have erectile dysfunction. How do they take Viagra and alcohol? With a couple of drinks there are no interactions, but in large quantities alcohol can depress sexual functions, and sildenafine, by itself, can not counteract that effect. This pill does not cure impotence it only controls the disease. There is no age limit (maximum and minimum) to take it while the individual with erectile dysfunction has physical and mental ability to have sexual activities, you can use it. It is recommended to consume it, at least, one hour before having sexual intercourse preferably on an empty stomach and accompanied by a glass of water, because it is a water-soluble medication.


Although there is also the chewable option, whose effect is felt approximately at 30 minutes. This medicine comes to complement the sexual life of men in the Swiss territory. It is well known that men in Switzerland enjoy very high standards of living .Switzerland is known for its diversity of cultures, languages ​​and religious beliefs. Switzerland is also a country in which there are great inequalities between different social groups; but there is something that is common and equal in your masculine society regardless of race, as is erectile dysfunction. This affects the quality of life of mature-adult males, and in some cases middle-aged males.


This drug, acts directly on this problem. With this drug have a better quality of life, have sex, have a problem like this is no longer an excuse with this drug men in Switzerland have found an ally to continue having a full sex life, you may be able to see and feel the results. With this new drug, there are no more excuses for adult men with Erectile dysfunction and other men of different ages who have erectile dysfunction no longer have excuses to have sex. Now you can do it and relive your youth as in good times, what comes is to represent science at the service of health and family. In Switzerland the use of this drug has been widely accepted and is widely used among men of all ages.