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Buy Viagra professional

Viagra vs Viagra professional: what is a better choice?

Viagra professional is an erectile dysfunction medicine that has recently begun production and sale. It is similar to regular Viagra, however the main differences are in method of ingestion and speed of efficacy. Regular Viagra is a pill that you must swallow and will typically take 30 minutes to begin working. However, Viagra professional is a chewable pill that will begin to work in less than 20 minutes. The dosage is the same at 100 mg each, regardless of the type chosen.

Buy Viagra professional

Buy Viagra professional

Viagra vs Viagra professional

Both Viagra and Viagra professional are ostensibly a vasodilator. The active ingredient’s medical name is sildenafil. This means that they work by opening your blood vessels to allow ease of blood flow. They also relax muscles further increasing blood flow. For this reason, they were originally created to decrease hypertension, commonly called high blood pressure.

In recent years Viagra has seen increased recreational use by a number of different populations. One of these has been professional athletes who use Viagra and Viagra professional. The theory is that increased blood flow to their muscles will increase performance and recovery. Another population that has seen increased use of recreational Viagra and Viagra professional is young men. These younger people are not using it for its intended purpose, as a solution to erectile dysfunction, but instead for increased libido and improved sexual performance. Another key component to recreational use is the reduced time between sexual acts, commonly referred to as refractory time.
Purchasing Viagra and Viagra professional are surprisingly easy in Australia. While they are prescription based, controlled substances, a simple google search will provide many websites offering to sell both variations of the drug. However, within looking at these sites, they are clearly less than reputable and there is little to no assurance that you will be purchasing real or generic Viagra.

One reason for the introduction of Viagra professional is likely the fact that regular Viagra is no longer patented. Since the patent has run out any company can begin producing generic versions of Viagra. Therefore, Pfizer, the parent company that makes Viagra, has needed to innovate a new patentable drug in order to maintain their market position. The introduction of a chewable, fast acting, more potent version of Viagra has been this new innovation. This has allowed Pfizer to hold a new patent on their popular drug and ensure that they do not have new encroachment on their intellectual property. Because of this, other companies are once again on their heels while trying to make entry into this highly lucrative market.