Treatment for men's sexual weakness

Living With Low Libido And Can It Be Cured

How to Improve Your Low Libido and Improve Sex Life

The biggest factor to increase libido as a man is to reduce depression. Depression leads to lack of interest in specific activities. Certain medications have also resulted to decrease libido in Men and a result of stopping the medications can result in the increase in libido.

Treatment for men's sexual weakness

Obesity, cholesterol and high blood pressure reduces libido in men

This is an important factor and it means that lowering obesity leads to more exercise and have a well nutrition diet that gets rid of high food fats and more veggies to consume. Reducing obesity will result in the increase in libido.

Cholesterol is seen as only a small factor in diet, so looking on how to have a healthier liver is the appropriate way to lowering cholesterol and increasing libido. Lastly, high blood pressure is also  a factor and removing high salt foods and having more exercise will result in more libido in men. Sleeping more will also increase libido, and men that have low sleep hours should seek on how to get more sleep, and if insomnia is a problem then that needs to be addressed.


The most important and obvious symptom of libido is the low interest in sex and losing interest in activities. Been stressed out and more specifically being depressed are common signs of low libido. Another big factor is your partner desire in engaging in sexual activity. If your partner is not into going into sexual activity then your libido will reduce significantly. Men lose libido at any age depending on their personal lives. Men can lose libido because of working too much exercising too much and drinking too much alcohol. This is because men have less time to think about sex and they are concentrated doing other things. I am a hard believer that men lose libido because of their self interest and maybe 10 percent of men dont have control over it because of hereditary diseases that they don’t have control of.

Statistically men are more sexually active then woman. Men are to be sexually active by age 80 at a 25 percent.

Health risks

This is quite high considering various health problems that men may have (High blood pressure, heart disease, erectile dysfunction). Men at a higher age will need serious instructions to follow in order to have a safe sex engagement without risking their own life because of heart related problems.

One unforeseen problem is the having of a family. This is because there is more time is dedicated to kids and less time for thinking about sex. Also if you have an infant the time reduces and you basically need to schedule sex times when infant is not around. Family is always a time killer since infants need a lot of attention and it will result in less time for sex during a man’s life.

Another thing that can affect is the body shape of the partner. If the partner has a bad body and has no ass or boobs then that is a sex killer. I say this because I used to have a partner with no ass and boobs and I would always find excuses to not have sex with partner.


Making love is more than just sex. Intimacy and closeness are important part of a healthy love life. If sexual desire is waning, it may be time to inject romance back into the relationship. Snuggling, giving each other massages, and spending casual time together may help ignite that spark.When you have no sexual energy, you need to get moving.

Regular exercise is one of the best natural energy boosters. Numerous studies have linked exercise with improving fatigue, especially among sedentary people.Lack of energy also could be relationship-oriented, if you and your partner are not in sexual sync. For instance, you may have energy for sex, but your partner doesn’t, or at least not at the same level.

Spending more time with your partner will increase sex desire. Many times, this can be done outside the bedroom, like having more date nights, going for long weekend romantic getaways, or even doing simple activities together like joining a club or taking a class. I personally think men have the option to choose wisely on how its libido fluctuates.

10 thoughts on “Living With Low Libido And Can It Be Cured

  1. My low libido began when I started taking anti depressants. My doctor explained that it was a natural result of taking the medication but I was not happy with that explanation. My girlfriend also was frustrated and it affected our relationship as I was never in the mood to have sex

  2. I really never knew how to approach my low libido issues. I figured that it was ok to not have any type of sex life. However, I looked into the issue further to find out if foods can help me with my problems.

  3. My best friend and her husband were having troubles in their marriage. She said he seemed distant and short with her. She felt like he was slipping away from her. They hadn’t been intimate in months. She had lost count. She said he didn’t touch her at all anymore unless it was her giving him a kiss goodbye but that it felt “Obligated”. She feared the worst, that her marriage was crumbling. One day she finally approached him and asked him to go to marriage counseling with her. He refused, said they didn’t need it. He finally caved and told her that it wasn’t her he was upset with, he had been insecure and was afraid of how she’d react if she found out he was “No longer a real man”. He felt like SHE was going to eventually leave HIM.She convinced to him to talk to his doctor. With proper medication and some dietary changes, everything was back to normal (If not better).

  4. Low libido is the bane of my existence. I want to please my wife, but my own body and mind are working against me. Thankfully, I learned about some testosterone supplements that can help me defeat this enemy within. I look forward to trying them.

  5. I’m not sure what started the decline in my libido, but I always attributed it to the overall stress in my life. If I can’t think of anything but my worries, then I find it extremely difficult to get interested in anything sexual. One day I hope to return to normal after I start to sort my stress out.

  6. I always see other dudes my age talking about all the one night stands they’re having and how h*rny they get but I just can’t feel whatever’s driving them. I’m pretty sure it’s due to low libido (thanks Google!) but I’m not really sure what to do about it. I’ve tried watching stuff online or attempting to be more adventurous in the bedroom but nothing is really seeming to do the trick.

  7. I am 40 years old and i have been suffering from ED for quite some time. I think Cialis is a great way to get active in the bedroom and enjoy everything

  8. i too am 56 {Ed problem} and so i got a tablet but that did not work so all i did was pray and at last i was so pleased cause all my side effects got much better so thanks be to god, he does exist pray that he will keep you safe he does exist.

  9. My dad has this type of problem when he is in the age of 35. He went out with the medicine prescribed by the personal doctor of him. But it doesn’t gave them good result. So, he went to the concern department and told about the feelings of him. The particular doctor gave him the medicine, it just been for him in 2 days. After the 2 days, the problem became normal and now he is continuing that medicine for his life time. But this the life time medicine prescribed by the doctor.

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